The Mission

To preserve life and liberty and property of its beneficiaries by providing for practice, preservation of our culture, our Ohana, our rights and freedom of traditional worship and beliefs as the traditional heirs of the lands.

The Goal

To unite under the mana of all Hawaii Nei, protect preserve and defend the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, As amended.

The Purpose

To provide a unified opportunity to educate, govern and insure its efforts to protect, preserve and defend the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 as amended by:

(1) advocating for the perpetuity of the land trust and improve the conditions of everyday life of the beneficiaries residing on and off homestead lands,

(2) empowering beneficiaries to participate in decision-making and provide input that impacts the formation of sound policies and programs that are connected to our communities,

(3) increase its capacity of new members and recognize and value the knowledge and voices of the trust that are indeed our priorities to advance in self-governance and self-determination and “NATION BUILDING”

Annual Events

Quarterly Conferences with its leadership in Hawaii

Annual Convention held during Admissions Day Weekend

The SCHHA continues to serve the native Hawaiians, Native Hawaiians and Non-Hawaiians  “All of Hawaii Nei” through various forms of public service multiple memberships, partnerships, networking opportunities and collaboration such as information dessimination sent directly via email,  meetings, convention, workshops, symposiums, SCHHA website, USPS, internet, teleconference, webinars and coconut wireless “word of mouth”.

The SCHHA continues to work on building capacity of its member organizations to be self sufficient as we perpetuate self-governance and self-determination with in the SCHHA Organization and their Mokupuni across Hawaii Nei.


  1. Collaborate with HUD and DHHL to Apply for NAHASDA Fundung
  2. 600 Million Dollar Settlement for Unlawful Reduction on Trust Lands
  3. Amend the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 to supply water to agriculture and pastoral lots
  4. Fought for and won ninth Commissioners seat for Hawaii County
  5. Removed the fixed ceiling of 50,000.00 on loan guarantees, by DHHL, to lessee and replace it with a flexible formula
  6. Implement a new morgage loan program that makes more resources available for home construction finances for lessees
  7. Expand benefits to native Hawaiians by allowing for participation in the establishment  of the Enterprise Zones”, on Hawaiian Home Lands
  8. Tax Exemptions for Hawaiian Homes Beneficiaries for house and lands, vary by counties.
  9. Extend homestead lessees from 99 years to an aggregate of 199 years
  10. The additional new lands added to the homelands system and return or replacement of 16,000 acres to bring the count to its original acreage by law
  11. Establish partnerships with various native Hawaiian organizations to address disparities within the areas for Health & Human Services, Education, Public Policy Legislative, Housing, Energy, Economic Development, Caring for Kupuna, Genealogy, Opio, Native Tourism, Media Production, Water, Land, Agriculture and Pastoral.
  12. Continue to work with Native Hawaiian Roll Commission in providing Outreach and  Registering Beneficiaries to Kana’iolowalu.
  13. And others that will be listed at a later date.

Partnering Organizations

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Its Commissioners

Office of Hawaiian Affairs and its Trustees

Councils for Native Hawaiian Advancement

Association of Hawaiians for Homestead Lands

Department of Interior ~ Office of Native Hawaiian Relations

And many others to be added at a later date


The SCHHA’s physical office is located in Waianae on Leeward Coast of Oahu:

98-188 Farrington Hwy.  Honolulu, HI 96792


  • (808) 620.9070 – Office
  • (808) 428.0277 – New Cell
  • info@schha.com