Apr 19

Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association Updates!

April 17, 2012

Aloha AHHA Members and Friends:

Following are brief updates on the various projects AHHA is working on through our CDC, the Homestead Community Development Corporation:

1. Anahola Cafe and Marketplace – The Marketplace is up and running on the highway at the entrance of Anahola. All are welcome to become vendors to sell product, or to utilize the certified kitchen to comply with Dept of Health requirements for food products to be sold. The last pieces of physical improvements you will see, will be the widening of the entry road, and additional food vendors along the north wall of the marketplace.

2. Anahola Solar Project – Consulting firms are conducting the Environmental Assessment and the Cultural Impact Assessment. We are also continuing to sign up anyone interested in applying for jobs at the solar project, or subcontracts to complete a variety of tasks.

Construction of the solar farm is scheduled to begin in September or October 2012 and will need upwards of 70 laborers.

3. Water-Waste Water Utility – We are in the exploration phases of determining the feasibility of an additional water well for Anahola, as well as the construction of a waste water treatment facility. As we all know, septic or cesspools will not be allowed for commercial structures, which could limit the ability of the Anahola Town Center plan worked on by so many homesteaders and approved by the Hawaiian Home Commission.

We are dedicating staff time and funding to grant writing to support the feasibility analysis work to explore what is possible. Once we know more, and if it turns out that a new well and a waste water treatment facility is possible, we will conduct consultation to get valuable mana’o from our community.

4. Restoration of one or more Anahola Reservoir(s) – we are working with a variety of partners to figure out if and how to repair the irrigation and reservoir systems in Anahola in order to create opportunities for ranching and agricultural homesteading. Similar to item 3 above, once we have more concrete data, we will then bring our findings to community.

5. Youth Center at the Anahola Club House – the facility located at the club house, is a fully completed classroom and functional facility. We have raised the funding to have insurance on the property as well as the utility expenses. Any organization is welcome to use the facility for classes, youth activities, general meetings, and more – stop by the AHHA offices to fill out a Facility Use Form.

6. Homestead Commerce Center – we are investigating the cost estimates and development options to construct a gas station and grocery store inside the Anahola Homestead, in line with the plans laid out in the Anahola Town Center. At this point of our efforts, we are engaging our AHHA members to provide ideas and potential design schematics. Our primary goal is to identify the basic design features, and then to identify the amount of capital that would be needed, and finally to identify all possible sources of capital.

7. Kumu and Youth Academy – over the last year, we have been in planning and fund raising mode, to develop an 8-acre parcel at Anahola Bay into a community-serving, family friendly area to bring kumu and youth together during the year, and to create a sustainable program model. I’m happy to report that we have been awarded grant funding from various sources, and will start the preparation of the Anahola bay site over the next couple of months.

In closing, I’d like to welcome our members and friends to attend any of our AHHA quarterly board meetings to inquire about the status or progress of any of these projects or others that may be important to you.

Mahalo to the AHHA board of directors that volunteer their time to serve our homestead. Mahalo also to the many homesteaders in Anahola that volunteer on other nonprofits serving our homestead, whether operating the school, coordinating annual festivals, coordinating canoe paddling, or community gardens and youth programming. Good things are happening by good people and good organizations that love our people and community!


Lorraine Rapozo, AHHA President