Feb 22

Join Hawaii Family Finance Project Now!

Join Hawaii Family Finance Project Now!

What:  The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) with funding from the U.S. Treasury, CDFI Fund in partnership with credit unions, CDFI Certified organizations, HUD Certified organizations, or government agencies will deliver free services involving the improvement of state-wide Financial Literacy for all Hawaii families.  The Hawaii Family Finance Project will provide:

1. Financial Education Group Training on courses such as debt reduction, credit building, homeownership, and foreclosure prevention

2. Financial Education One-on-One Counseling

3. Individual Development Accounts or Matched Savings for down payments on a home or debt reduction

4. Deposit Accounts

5. FREE Tax Preparation with Earned Income Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits to help Hawaii families claim $45 million in unclaimed credits

Who:  Hawaii Family Finance Project services are available to Hawaii residents at least 18 years of age that are moderate income (80% HUD area median income) or less and are not a homeowner.

Where:   All Hawaii islands

When: The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement is currently accepting applications for Project Partners.  CNHA and project partners will begin delivering services for the HFFP as early as February 2011.

Organizations interested in becoming a Project Partner may contact CNHA to complete a Project Partner Application.  Hawaii residents interested in HFFP services should join CNHA newsclips for updates on HFFP implementation and availability of services by emailing info@hawaiiancouncil.org.

For More Information:  Contact CNHA at info@hawaiiancouncil.org or call 808.596.8155, Toll-Free 800.709.2642

The Hawaii Family Finance Project is a Nonprofit initiative developed by CNHA to serve Hawaii families, Native and non-Native, in all counties of the state of Hawaii.


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  1. Sarah Raymond

    I’m interested in knowing more about HFFP, please e-mail me any information……..Thank You

    1. Annie Au Hoon

      Call 596-8155 for more information.

  2. luciana dupio

    I am very intrested how I am able to use this project to help me to own a home for my family. Pls. send me what I need to apply for the project. Mahalo.

    1. Annie Au Hoon

      Please call 596-8155

    2. Annie Au Hoon

      Call 596-8155

  3. Angelique McBride

    I am interested in Joining. Please email me more information on how to submit an application.

    1. Annie Au Hoon

      Aloha Please call – 596-8155

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